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Mumbai Street Food: 8 best things to eat in Mumbai

Aamchi Mumbai, the city of dreams is not only busy with fast running lives of people there. Ever tried to look it from the other side? Take out time for small deep breath coz this city is always busy working and check out the yum side of ‘Mumbaikars’.

The red bull for people of Bombay lies in its food story. Check it out with this picture story. Let’s see can you resist your tastebuds looking at it or will run on any of its stall.

8 best street food to eat in Mumbai

1. Vada Pav: Lifeline of Mumbai.

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2. Pav Bhaji & Tawa Pulao: Make your drives mouth- watering.

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3. Ice Gola: Not only the old Kala- Khatta and Red Juice. Try new milk- malai golas in chocolate, ice- blue, strawberry and many more flavours.

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4. Bhajia: Kanda Bhajia and Tea makes the perfect evening here

5. Bhelpuri-Sevpuri: Beach side walk at juhu and then chatak bhel puri and sev puri… ahaa!! Life is wonderful because of food.

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6. Ragda Pattice: Combination of soft and spicy pattice. Mumbai streets are rich with flavours.

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7. Bombay Sandwich: Now can be found everywhere with the same name. Must try at the place of its origin.

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8. Falooda: Kuch meetha ho jae se meetha hona jaruri hai when its glass of falooda.

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Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek: Pack up for the peak


Recent visit for the Tungnath-Chandrashila trek summit guided me with the newer phase of trekking. Always read and heard of weather disturbing the routes and resulting in unfulfilled plans, but this time I got to know it deeper. The pretty beautiful rain and hails on heights might give us the pleasure of cold but could be exactly very dangerous on our walkways. But I will not deny with the fact that despite of heavy rains the little hope of sunshine always brightened the day once. We walked our ways cheering up with the blooming spring through the forest ways from Deoriatal to Chopta. Routes of Chandrashila connect up with the hindu pilgrimage spot of Lord Shiva.

Tungnath Temple

Tungnath Temple

It is termed to be the highest Shiva temple in the country. According to mythology the temple is known as the ‘Tritiya Panch Kedar’ depicting the story of Pandavas from Mahabharata, searching for Lord Shiva to convince him for the guilt of killing their brothers, Kauravas.

Route Illustration:

Route Illustration to Tungnath-Chandrashila trek

Illustration is actually the perfect term while moving in the laps of mountains because it proves that how beautifully the nature has illustrated itself. Curves, streams, mountains surrounding rich vegetation, birds and flora, it is a wholesome package. The trek to Chandrashila is via Deoriatal, Chopta between the lush green forests, best in springs with pink beauty. Large eagles in the skies flying between mountains giving picturesque view to capture and save it in your memories forever. Moving on to the height look for the clouds coming on your way with you and let you feel for the breezers around you. Ahh!! How can I go forward without sharing about Himalayan Magpies near my campsite, one pretty evening. Such a beauty it was with the vibrant colours. Every time I visit such places, help me prove that nature is the answer to all the stress of our lives.

Unfulfilled Trek:

Heavy Rainfall during Tungnath-Chandrashila trek

Heavy rainfall and bad weather conditions with all white out and hail could not support us for the summit to the Chandrashila Peak. We did it till Tungnath Temple (12,073ft.) from where it was just the distance of 1km left to reach the top of Chandrashila but decided to get back from there. The peak is of 13,000ft but still we could not win it. This is the story of mountains, you cannot ever conquer them until the mountain itself want you to do that. Although I left with the summit this time, but I returned with the rich, healthy experience for my lifetime.

5 reasons to pack up for your trip to Kashmir Ki Waadis.

Kashmir, The title of story is in itself magical. As we read out this place or think of it, brings the glimpse of Kashmir being the only heaven on Earth. But not only the views and weather there, the city will leave you with many reasons to fall in love. Every season has something different to offer you. We will give you reasons to pack up for your trip to Kashmir Ki Waadis.

Check out the list of varieties you get there:

1. Skiing:

May be the most common reason to visit Kashmir will be skiing. The best ski- resort in India is at the terrains of Gulmarg, giving you the extra- ordinary feeling of fun with snow. You can get various ski- packages in Gulmarg.

Best time: Mid January to Mid March.

2. Mountaineering:

Trekking, rock- climbing, rappelling or be it any of those mountain activities are forever a chance from Kashmir, being close to mountains from all the sides. Kashmir has various peaks of Pir Panjal Ranges and Himalayas to experience the flavor of climbing in Kashmir.

Best Time: April to June

3. Tulip Festival:

This time will prove the beauty of Kashmir flaunting in different colors. The festival welcomes the blooming season of tulip at the Siraj Garden, the largest tulip garden in Asia. The place at the right time will leave you mesmerized for the lifetime. It is generally a 15 day festival when the tulips are in best of their views.
Best time: Spring Season generally between Mid March to April.

4. Golfing:

Kashmir offers the most scenic golf course in the valleys of Gulmarg and Srinagar. Golf within the shades of Chinar and Pine, leave the golf lovers mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and weather surrounding the sport. Golf course in Kashmir feels like icing on the cake.

Best time: April to November

5. Rafting and Shikara Ride:

Water bodies too have something to gift you on the tour of valleys in Kashmir. Shikara Ride at Dal Lake is unique experience leaving you in the laps of nature. While rafting at River Lidder in Pahalgam will give you goose bumps of cold chilled out weather which will be a speechless experience for your lifetime.

What is your travelling activity


As expense and interest on travel are increasing it is broadening the lifestyle of travel by bringing traveling activity in focus through foreign culture. Now the holiday is just not limited to visiting a new place, rather choose it within your interests in a journey too. No don’t misjudge it with just photography and writing, a new place could be much more. Give yourself a chance to know more about a new place through your activity of interest. Here are a few activities you can choose your interest from for your next tour plan:

1. Adventure- Based Vacations

Although presently the most common among youth, still adventure is a wide field in itself. From land, water, and air to subcategories in all of them. Surf, dive, climb every mountain, hop on a bicycle or be the engine mama, just chase your fear every time. If you love adventure based vacations you can also go for trekking, read this article about trekking on Adventure Nation.

Places: Goa, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Chennai and the list is long.

2. One for a foodie holiday

Turn your mantra of ‘live for eating’ to ‘travel for eating’. Spice up yourself with the sample of flavors wherever you go or get some new cooking lessons. Taste the culture of places you travel.

Places: Delhi, Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, Lucknow.

3. Spiritual Tours

Enlighten your soul with the story a place holds through the mythology you believe in. The trip like these will teach you more and strengthen your trust through the positive energy such places provide.

Places: Varanasi, Amritsar, Ajmer, Tirupati, Tawang.

4. History, Art and Archaeology

Open your mind, not books and pack your bag can also be said if you love history and archaeological facts. Sites, ruins, culture can leave you amazed. Then museum is a plus to a place. Travel and return with facts full.

Places: Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar.

5. Off for a Fitness Freak:

Wellness holiday will help you today and in future too. Yoga, massage or spa-related trips can be on your list for the holiday if you don’t get much time to take care of yourself in your busy working life. Take a healthy off and learn new techniques of staying fit.

Place: Rishikesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka

8 Destinations to visit for a good start of your next new year


Ending with a good or bad year thought is now old fashion. Don’t look back on past and move for a better future, a great year is now the need of stressful life and in that, you need to start well to take it well till the end. Here is the list of ideas for your memorable 2018:

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Goa is never out of the list and never boring if it comes to tripping. January- March is the best time to visit the place. One can get into all type of water sports activities during the starting months of the year and that too with perfect weather for beachside fun. If still, Goa has just been your plan make it happen this coming year.

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Manali is another common destination but great for cozy winter fun. Between several adventure sports and snowfalls try being a bit hippy in Old Manali. Also a perfect trip for a family time, as its always good when it’s with the whole family together.

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Get a short budgeted trip to this tiny Island if have less time from the schedule to begin with the year. Beachside fishing time will refresh your mind and prepare you to handle the whole year without stress. Also can experience Portuguese culture here with massive forts on its eastern side.

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Best time to get the ‘Rajsi’ experience. Rome around beautiful forts and palaces with camel and elephant ride as the place is climatically best during winters. Also, a foodie traveler will always be satisfied when its Rajasthan.

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A star- gazing, white sand beach destination. When you don’t have company or need some time for yourself, check out for this beach village of Maharashtra. This is the peaceful Goan style destination and will not let down your expectations.

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Rann of Kutch

Experience the surreal beauty of World’s largest salt desert (Thar) with camping, hot-air ballooning and cultural activities. Rann Utsav can give a remarkable start to your year. And full moon night can be an icing on the cake in this case, perfect beauty to adore forever in memories.

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Island tour filled with diving and snorkeling activities is always healing to life. Beachside time will let you admire your life for all its way. Starting the year with such a trip will help you throughout the year.

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May sound astonishing on the list but perfect for self- rejuvenation. It’s not always about partying. Get some time out for yourself peacefully at Ghat side or meditation at any corner of the city. This city will help you find the reason for your life and teach you great philosophies for a happy, satisfied life. Solo trip to this city may enlighten your 2018 and years following. Varanasi is also famous for its religious food. So don’t forget to try these 10 items of food to eat in varanasi.

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Professional Travel Blogger and founder of The Ghumakkads. Bhawna Mohinani is graduate in Mass Communication & Postgraduate in Travel and Tourism Management.

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