India is a country with diverse nature and culture. Tourists always come with the desire to behold the best memories of wide tradition and culture, the country holds. Though the authenticity of Indian culture is hard to achieve a reason to cherish your experience forever. Here, we have come up with all the tips to behold your best and ingenuous memories on your trip to India.

1: Rise with Yoga

Image of 2 girls doing yoga in india
River side yoga practices

India awakes with ‘yog‘. Nothing can be better than to start your day with positivity and peace. Arouse yourself with the sunrise yoga at the riverside or amidst mountain valleys. Feel the essence of real India with the chants of ‘OM’.

2: Discover Heritage of India

Image of char minar in india
Char Minar

The country dives in heritage. With the oldest cities and historical monuments, India has a story behind every building. Discover the best of it with walks and simultaneous talks with the locals. Unlock the keys of all your mystery. Also, capture the most of them in your camera buddy. Save them as a memoir.

3: Catch up the Village Vibe

Image of an indian village
Indian Village Scenes

Rural India tells the real story of present India. From rich vegetation and cultivation to the new era of modernism, all originate from the village. Don’t miss out on experiencing the core of India. Catch up with the village activities. Put your hands in farming, take a ride on a bullock cart, get dirty with the mud in pottery and many more.

4: Relish on the Local Cuisine

Image of Indian food
Traditional Food Patterns

Food is the lifeline in this country. Crafted in local spices and traditional ways make it worth dying for. Food tells all about the culture of the place. Make sure, you taste the local food to the place you are travelling in the country. Also, the diverse culture in India turns into a different food every different state, rather cities.

5: Experience Ethnicity through Traditional Dance & Music

Image of indian dancer
Traditional Dance-forms

Dance, music and other cultural shows, narrates the original story of the place. Another blessing of cultural diversity in this country is the rich variety of tradition and their ethnic music and dance forms. This is the most important part to make your experience worth remembering.

6: Enrich Your Health too

Image of indian spa and message
Ayurvedic Health Treatments

‘Ayurvedic Panchkarma and Spa Treatment’ are the other reasons which catch the attention of a large number of tourists to India. Such practices are good to make your holiday relaxing and revitalizing. Highly effective therapies will help you to discover a healthy and positive life.

7: Attain Spiritualism

Image of indian god, ganpati babba
Holy Celebrations

India is known for different forms of spiritual stories. Temples, gurudwaras, masjids or ponds every part of the country holds a spiritual tale in it. Spiritualism is the soul which helps to attain positivity in this holy country. People marry with being holy. They also celebrate God tales into festivals and fares and die with holy concepts. Know the different aspects of life through different holy places and deity tales in India.

After all, this country is all about different colours of living. Let us know which was your favourite colour of exploring it.


  1. A much needed boost for the tourism sector in India. India awaits the mighty potential of its tourism sector to pay dividends to the economy of the country. Keep up the good work team Ghumakkad.


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