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8 Important Safety Tips for Female Travelers


Everyone is busy with their work and you want to go on a rejuvenating trip isn’t it?. Yeah, you are craving a trip right now, right? But at the same time, there is no one to accompany you. That is the problem, so are you planning to drop the idea or postpone it?  Hey! Wait don’t be sad we have something in store for you, the only thing you need to do is pack your bags
and make the bookings and get ready. Women are no longer alone without men. Get up and slay as you do on yourself.
Here are seven safety tips for female travelers. These simple hacks will make your trip the safest one:

1. Dress Like Crowd

Female Traveler Dress Code
Dress Proper

Present yourself the same way as locals of that particular place do. You must be thinking why I need to do that. Dressing like local people won’t attract much attention towards you, as you are a solo female traveler its good to blend in the crowd rather than standing out of crowd. Before stepping out open your screen and do a bit of research work, it would be really helpful in understanding that place. Wear casual trousers with a hippie top and scarf in your neck and you are all set to roam the streets or ride your bike, just be careful to check if the bike is equipped with essential dirt bike parts.

2. Don’t Be Alcoholic

Stay Away from Alcohol

On a solo trip getting blitzed drunk is never a good idea. You may want to
try out different drinks, but be careful while you try these. Being alone and
drunk may arise unnecessary problems that we are you don’t want to face.
But if want to absolutely drink with a couple of new found friends, drink slowly and have a glass of water in between. Check your senses before you sip again. Best is to retire early to your room and enjoy your bottle of Carmessi in the comfort and safety of your room.

3. Book In Advance

If you are traveling to a new place it is a good idea to book in advance. You
never know flights get delayed and the place where you were to reach in the day may land at night, so at that hour it gets impossible and worrisome to locate a fine place to stay. So if you have already checked the ranking
and booked it would be easy for you to simply drive to your destination.
Spend extra for safety, being safe is the motive.

Advance booking
Book in Advance

4. Keep A Separate Bag Of Cash

Female Travelers
Keep Separate Bag for Cash

When you are out of your house, be prepared for every situation. Many
times travelers lose their wallets and cash or they might even get stolen. To avoid such a situation of major loss, carry a minimum amount in your handbag only as much as you need. Keep a separate bag hidden in your suitcase with another set of cash and important documents. Even if
something goes wrong you won’t face a cash crunch and you can use
backup money for leftover days.

5. Don’t Leak Your Personal Information

If you are traveling alone it is advisable not to get too much involved with
other people. Avoid telling the name of the hotel where you are currently staying and about your schedule for the coming days as it is better to keep stuff like this private than to get caught in a web of problems. In case you make an acquaintance with someone and they insist on meeting you next day select a public spot like a cafe or park.

Boat Ride in Varanasi
Keep some Privacy

6. Always Carry Your Valuables With You

Travel Valuables
Protect Your Valuables

First of all, it is not a very good idea to carry your valuables like expensive
jewelry to your trip. But still, you need to carry DSLR, iPad, mobile phone,
expensive lens, etc. These items cannot be kept at home while traveling, in order to keep them safe and protected pack them in a different bag that you can carry everywhere with you as you cannot afford to keep the stuff away from your eyeballs. Packing in a smart way would keep your trip safe and fun.

7. A Quick Read Of Custom And Laws

Every place has some customs and laws of which you are aware very often.
Something that is acceptable in your region may be an offensive crime at some other place. Some places charge a strict fine for throwing garbage or spitting on the road. Always make sure to study the laws of that particular place. Consult local tour guide or official page of that place and go through the rules and regulation section for clear knowledge.

Rules & Regulations
Stay Updated

8. Don’t Trust People Quickly, Trust Your Gut

Solo Female Travel
Trust Yourself

This last point is very important. If someone tells you some kind of stories
that attract you towards them don’t give in too quickly. Sometimes they are really nice people but at the same point they can be experienced bluff masters and may end up bluffing you. If you smell something foul just follow your gut and do what it says. Ignoring the feeling may cost you a lot. More than people, trust your gut.

Don’t accept any drinks or edibles from strangers rather carry your own
stuff such as a favorite bottle of drink and ready meals.

If you are interested in meeting new people and making new friends looking for travel-friendly accommodation is a good idea. You can stay in
the hostel. So many solo travelers are staying there and are looking forward to meeting new people. Travel forums can be a great way to meet new people who are in the same destination as you. Try stuff like couch-surfing and see if some local can assist you to unlock great experience. Learn their language and some interesting facts about their culture.

Ladies, I hope now you are no more interested in canceling the plan instead
more excited about planning one. Follow the tips and write to us if they were helpful to you. Do share some new tricks and tips if you have any,
looking forward to it.

Solo Trip in India: Reasons, Tips and Destinations to Visit

Solo Female Travel
Trust Yourself

Solo trip is still a hard question in India. Though growing and developing India is proving it right with fun and amazing answers of experiences. I have enough of my share of stories of potholes and fun on solo trips. To make it possible was a tough journey but a great destination of experience. After all, experiences are what counts for a lifelong. Are solo trips your choice also? Do they become your dream to fulfill? Does solo trip sound a question to you as ‘how’? Where to travel solo? – If these are your questions then find out answers to it with our Solo Trip Guide.

Reasons: Why you should travel solo once?

Waterfalls in Mirzapur
Solo Sighting
  1. Gross plenty of self-confidence: When you travel alone, you have to look after yourself. You overcome every situation on yourself without anyone’s back, you come up with much greater confidence in self. It makes you self-dependent.
  2. You become responsible: Plannings, responsibilities and decision making are greater on solo trips. This attitude helps you later in life also. You act much wiser and responsible in every situation.
  3. To get some time for yourself: This is the perfect time to know more about yourself. Also, you get answers to many questions of your life. Solo trips give you perfect time for yourself and to think about your life.
  4. You become pro in problem-solving: Traveling alone teaches you to come out of problems on your own and this makes you a great problem solver. And then this again helps you lifelong. You look smart among your group in handling difficult situations.
  5. It gives you freedom: Solo traveling gives you all freedom. You make your itinerary, your plans and your choices all the time. Get a chance to travel according to the choice of your traveling activity. When traveling in a group, you have to do things according to the group mutuality and plans. But on solo trips, you are your only Boss!
  6. Know the world closer: Being alone, you get in close contact with society and the world. Making new friends become easier. This makes you in greater contact with locals. Also, it increases your proximity to nature and the world.
  7. Learn to be great with your company: You learn not to depend on others for the happiness of your life. This makes you self-dependent both in your good and bad times. And I guess this is the best thing to achieve in life.

Tips Required For First Solo Trip

Trip Planning
Trip Planning
  1. Keep an outline of your plan: Always go out with some plan. Book your travel and accommodations beforehand. Hostels and homestays are the best options for solo travelers. Uncertainty, in any case, is natural but always have some backup ideas and sources with you.
  2. Pack Lightly: While you are traveling alone try to have light and easy to carry goods. You are alone to take care of you and luggage so be prepared accordingly. Carry only as much you can easily carry. This will make your trip easy and safe.
  3. Connect: Make new friends, communicate with co-travelers, connect with locals and the surroundings. Open up for wider experience. Also as they are the only help in a new place, if in need.
  4. Essentials to Carry: Local maps of the place traveling, list of emergency contacts, travel insurance are some important things to carry. These might look of no need but it is always good to be prepared beforehand than to be sorry later. Mobile phones have become a new need as it might help you out in many cases.
  5. Stay Super and Pro-Active: Be aware of all the circumstances and the place you are traveling. Stay sober and attentive. Trust your instincts. Protect your belongings and take care of yourself. When in a new place, trust everyone but no one.
  6. Let someone know about your plan: Always leave your rough itinerary or plan with your friends or family. Keep updating someone with your plans. Do this as a favor to yourself and to your loved ones.
  7. Stay Confident and Smile: Pretty smile and confidence will come out as your positive attitude at a new place. Don’t be afraid of asking and confirming when in doubt. Stay bold and optimistic all the time. Self-confidence will also keep you safe.

Also, We have some Tips, Advice & Plannings for your first trip to make your happy travelling memories.

Solo Trip Destinations in India

Now, this can be something being judgemental. No place is ever known to be under the category of solo traveling. The world is vast and you can travel anywhere on your own. Only if you trust the idea of being in the company of yourself. We can help you with the list of places, you can travel for your initial solo trips. Here they are:

1: Mcleodganj

This tiny hill station will give you a sudden vibe of positivity just as you reach. A peaceful location and the home to The Great Dalai Lama can be your perfect solo trip decision. Also, an easy, neighbor trek to Triund will give you the chance of camping in the lap of mountains with some fit-bit tour.

Triund Trek
Triund Trek

2: Hampi

Hampi History

If you love being lost in history, then this should be your destination. No one will disturb you with your loneliness here amidst the ruined building of ancient temples. Take out some time at River Tungabhadra and experience a unique fun of coracle ride to cheer your soul.

3: Ziro

Ziro Music Festival
Charm of Music Festival

Another lone, silent place which will listen to all your talks. Ziro Music Festival is the biggest event and the best time to visit the place. Although a perfect go-to destination whenever you are in need of some solo time. Homestays will be a great suggestion when you reach this pretty place to experience it the best. Involve in activities with the locals and you will surely fall in love with the place.

4: Pondicherry

This city already has a great companion for you. ‘The sea-side evenings’- lay back with all your conversations and end up sharing it with the waves coming to you. Take up a cycle and ride all through the French-Colonial buildings. ‘Auroville’ is a must visit for some spiritualism within you.

Cycle Tour in Pondicherry

5: Rishikesh

Bunjee Jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has a lot many things to do already that you won’t ever miss a company. Yoga, camping and all sort of adventure. Throw out all your fears in one go, try out everything. Jump and shout back to all your problems, zip line to every negativities and raft the best days of your life with river camping nights. Later attain the peaceful mornings with sunrise yoga sessions.

6: Jaisalmer

This city in Rajasthan can be a fun, royal date to yourself. Ahh..!! the list is full of activities when you are here. Have a bumpy camel ride, dance and learn the local culture with the ‘Kathputli Shows’. Stay at royal forts being the king of your life. Explore the old buildings of ‘hawelis‘ and dive in the largest sand dunes of India. And forget not to binge eat all the Rajasthani cuisines.

Camel Ride on Sand Dunes

7: Mumbai

Gateway of India
Gateway to the serenity

If you have never been to a metropolitan city, then Mumbai should top your solo trip list. This city will teach you to be yourself. It is the city which never sleeps and never judges. Hop out all the places and get lost in this city of glamour. Dance your heart out as no one is watching you at the nightclubs to find back yourself. Take your best moments at Marine Drive and Band Stand with your sea friend. This city will give you all the reasons to end up saying ‘Mumbai-Meri Jaan’.

Head up and shout out to your solo trip destination and do let us know your post solo trip story of experiences. Happy Traveling!!

Professional Travel Blogger and founder of The Ghumakkads. Bhawna Mohinani is graduate in Mass Communication & Postgraduate in Travel and Tourism Management.

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