Life is nothing without a little bit of adventure and thrill. It is imperative for humans to take a break from the monotony and stress of a regular lifestyle and indulge in some action every once in a while! If you are a thrill seeker who likes to add some adventure and excitement to your life here and there, India has a vast plethora of activities that will satisfy your adrenaline chase. 

Be it the thrill of playing a breakout escape room game or taking a bike ride in the mountains; there are several ways to add spice to your day-to-day life. With every state harboring its unique richness, there is so much to be explored across the country! Such an overwhelming number of choices might certainly make it all the harder for you to pick one for yourself.  

To make it easier for you, we have narrowed down the top 10 thrilling and adventurous ideas that you can take part in India:   

83. Escape Room Advent

Escape games have nowadays become a very popular indulgence with thrill-seekers across the world. Having you and your team locked in a room with no escape and left to find your way out in time is one of the most thrilling experiences!  

With so many kinds of unique and authentic themes, hand-curated set designs, and props, there is so much to make the escapades both thrilling and exciting. The best part about the games is how all your teammates need to work together to solve the clues while the clock is ticking!  If you are looking for an offbeat thrilling experience, head to an escape room in bangalore today!  



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