Know the food culture of Varanasi for your yummy trip

Varanasi is not only holy praying, it is holy eating too. Banarasis do not mind increasing calories coz of the yum taste they earn. We have known Kashi for ghats, Ganga, temples, and allies. Then these allies have lots of food hidden within it as treasures. We will tell you all about the good food culture of Varanasi. Here is a long list to the sweet-spicy side of Varanasi:

12 Best ideas of food to eat in Varanasi

Kachori-Sabji with Jalebis:

Banarasis start their morning with it. The street local sellers with yum taste and that too in just a few

Where: Luxa Road, Chachi Ki shop at Lanka, Ram Bhandar, Madhur Milan, etc.

The desi kachori sabzi with jalebis.


Lassi and Thandai:

With lots of flavors, these mellow drinks will be high for your tummy.

Differently flavored lassi at Blue Lassi Shop

Where: Blue Lassi Shop, Pahalwan Lassi, Ramnagar Ki Lassi, Baba Thandai, many more shops at Godowlia Chowk.


Fry Idli:

The new breakfast of people in Varanasi after yoga sessions at Subah-e-Banaras. Also, know your traveling activity from our What is your traveling activity

Fry Idli with Chutney: South India ka banarasi tadka.

Where: Near Assi and Kedar Ghat.



The only wintersweet that will vanish soon into your mouth with the magic of yum sweet taste. Now prepared in different flavors too. But the old is still gold.

Morning Malaiyo Delights

Where: Streets of Chowk in the early winter morning.


Samosa- Longlatta:

These two fries will justify all your gym lies.

Samosas and Longlattas

Where: You will get many stall options for it in various allies of Varanasi.


Malai-Rabdi Section:

This has a long list of items. Rasmalai, Malai gilori, kheer-kadam, Malai Sandwich, Malai Puri, etc. Ahh!! all are heaven. All these sweets will enrich your taste buds making you sweeter. And indeed my favorite section of food here.

Different sweets made of malai and rabdi.

Where: Rajbandhu, Ram Bhandar and various shops at Thatheri Bazaar, Kachori Gali and all over Chowk. Also try Malpua at Ksheer Sagar and Chamcham at Kunju Sao.


Chaat wali Shaam:

Various types in it too. Tamatar chaat, Dahi chutney wale golgappe, Chura Matar (winter special item), Samosa Chola and many more. These items will be a savior to your evening delights in Varanasi.

Chatpata preparation at Deena Chat

Where: Kashi Chat, Deena Chat, Pawan Chat.

Chene wale Dahi Bade:

Dahi Wada is all common. But Banarasis do it with a twist. The dahi badas are of chena which gives you mouthwatering sweet taste like rasmalai dipped in curd.

All prepared chena dahi bada.

Where: Ksheer Sagar, Vishwanath Gali, Sri Annapurna.


Safed Makkhan Toast with Chai:

When all are closed. This is the other best option in Varanasi.

Makkhan Toast & Chai en route.

Where: Laxmi Chai at Chowk, Vivek Tea Point at Sigra, Pappu chai at Assi.

Kulhad Wali Coffee:

The other new option in Varanasi. Young generation’s favorite. Hot coffee in Kulhad is a winter fun.

Kulhad Coffee at Lanka.

Where: Stalls at Lanka and Girjaghar Chowk.



The desi main- course item with daal and kheer. Go and get a village touch in food and your environment.

Baati Chokha thali with Kheerni and Dal- Rice.

Where: Baati Chokha Restaurant at Teliabagh and Sigra, Potli at Ravindrapuri.


Banarasi Paan:

Paan is what defines the authentic food culture of Varanasi. List of food in Banaras can never end without it. If you are in Varanasi, this is a compulsion to try.

At a random paan shop.

Where: Keshav Tambul Bhandar, Rameshwar Paan Bhandar or any street-side shop.


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  1. Informative and entertaining. Few items were unknown even for a born and brought up person of Varanasi like me.

  2. […] May sound astonishing on the list but perfect for self- rejuvenation. It’s not always about partying. Get some time out for yourself peacefully at Ghat side or meditation at any corner of the city. This city will help you find the reason for your life and teach you great philosophies for a happy, satisfied life. Solo trip to this city may enlighten your 2018 and years following. Varanasi is also famous for its religious food. So don’t forget to try these 10 items of food to eat in varanasi. […]


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