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11 Places to Visit near Bangalore for Short Trips..!!

Bangalore has become a metro-cum-workstation city lately. Many workaholics are busy working there and sometimes looking up for a trip as for break nearby to relax. Short trips aka weekend trips are like our best friends. Takes us away from all our problems. Gives us a happy break. Makes us feel good again. Lets us forget all our problems and never too far from us. Just a plan and bookings away..!! Your bff might ditch you on your trip but trips won’t ever ditch you with awesomeness.

So, heere we have come up with sorted list for you hard-working travelers to add some magic amidst your life and jobs:

1. Ooty

Distance from Bangalore: 297 km

Drive Time: 7 hours 30 minutes approx.

Dreamy Stays in Ooty

A relaxing half day drive and you reach in the laps of ‘Queen of Hills’. Making its place in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, it is an actual paradise. Lakes, gardens, viewpoints, tea and coffee plantations, all count to the charm of this little town. But the most affluent attraction of Ooty is the toy train route. Experience the beauty of mesmerizing wooden huts of the hills through the tiny colorful windows of the toy trains and get lost in its magic.

2. Kabini

Distance from Bangalore: 206 km

Drive Time: 5 hours approx.

Wildlife Scenes at Kabini

This pretty place is a must for the wildlife enthusiast. Kabini Forest Reserve and Nagarhole National Park gives you all the perks of rich flora and fauna. Sight Bengal tigers, golden jackal, Indian bison and many more on your jeep safari. Swing with the chirping rare birds on a boat ride in river Kabini or opt for a coracle ride accompanying the locals of nature. Take an elephant safari in the deep wooden jungles or just sip a fresh cup of coffee amidst the delightful nature. What else a weekend trip asks for??

3. Chikmagalur

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km

Drive Time: 4 hours 30 minutes approx.

Tranquil Nature of Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is perfect stop for the coffee lovers. Known to be as the capital of coffee plantations, it lives with the aroma of coffee. Though the town has something to offer for almost every kind of traveler. This pleasant hill station serves all adventures- caving, trekking, rafting and so on. Experiences doesn’t stop here, you can also go for your love for flora and fauna through the wildlife sanctuaries of Chikmagalur. Apart from all such experiences it has the tranquil peace which you search coming out from the hustle-bustle of your city Bangalore.

4. Bheemeshwari

Distance from Bangalore: 104 km

Drive Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes approx.

Adventure Trip

Residing beside the Cauvery river, this little town has all the water- based adventure. From fishing to kayaking, rafting to boating or the traditional coracle ride choose any of these and show your type of love to the water nature. May be just lie beside the river on a camp night and gaze the pretty stars or sing and dance with your group on a bonfire with some lip-smacking local cuisines and start your day around with a perfect sunrise walk. Bheemeshwari has great options of fishing resorts and camping to make your weekend a perfect service. Also, outskirts of Bangalore can always surprise you with the wildlife sighting due to rich flora and fauna it has!!

5. B.R. Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 173.2 km

Drive Time: 4 hours approx.

Views from B.R. Hills

The Biligiri Ranga hills or commonly known as B.R. Hills is a nature’s delight with the confluence of both western and eastern ghats resulting in diverse ecosystem. The hilltop is named on the famous temple Biligira Rangaswamy residing here. It is the most common weekend hotspot for the people of Bangalore. Visit the place to spot the Dodda Sampige Mara, the big, holy Champak Tree which is known to be as more than 2000 years old.

6. Mysore

Distance from Bangalore: 143.6 km

Drive Time: 3 hours and 15 minutes approx.

Rich History at Mysore Palace

Mysuru or Mysore is architecturally and culturally rich city along with the yoga place of the country. This city has too much to tell the travelers who are interested in culture, architecture, yoga, food-hopping and lots of shopping. Pridely flaunting its glittering Mysore Palace which is the most important sight-seeing treasure of the city. It has alot apart from this. Mysuru is also famous for its Dussehra celebration which attracts tourists from around the world. This can be your perfect weekend stop to attract peace from its different style of yoga and together enjoy its other beauty.

7. Wayanad

Distance from Bangalore: 271.2 km

Drive Time: 6 hours approx.

Bamboo Rafting

Wayanad has been a favourite place amongst tourists for long years. If cave adventure is your type of interest, then this little town is a perfect go for you. Adding to other adventure activities such as trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, mountaineering and many more. Most beautiful Chembra Peak Trek has its way from here. Make up for it, if you are fond of nature treks and have extra days in hand. Wayanad offers pretty wildlife scenes, rich in flora and fauna with a perfect touch of soothing weather. You can spot asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and lots of beautiful birds chirping in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to amuse you. Other than this, also try bamboo rafting here for a different but amazing experience from the normal rafting. Also, take a visit to the Asia’s second largest earth dam, Banasura Sagar Dam. Adding upto this, Wayanad also have beautiful temples too, for the spiritual, pligrimage tours. Does this place leaves any reason to not visit it?

8. Hogenakkal Falls

Distance from Bangalore: 126.6 km

Drive Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes approx.

Thundering Falls

Commonly known as the ‘Niagara Falls of South India’ is the most budgeted weekend trip from Bangalore. Lying on the Kaveri River, Hogenakkal is an ultimate stop for nature lovers. Feel the thunder of the water here with some scrumptious seafood. Also, try coracle ride amidst the waterfalls to give you another experience of adventure. Apart from all the fun, Hogenakkal is the perfect weekend spot as it also has good local oil-massagers for the best relaxing short vacay.

9. Kudremukh Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 310 km

Drive Time: 6 hours and 30 minutes approx.

Misty Fog on the Way

For all the nature and trek lovers, steps to Kudremukh Peak is not difficult. Changing scenery with every steps will keep you amaze throughout the trek. This is the reason, the trek seems neither difficult nor long. Magic of western ghats can be perfectly felt on the way with cascading waterfalls, beautiful streams and lush, green forests. Not only these, peaceful chirping of birds will motivate you to walk the heights easily. The picturesque view on the top with chilly, windy waves will make it worth all the hardships you faced. The tiredness and dullness of Bangalore will all brush out with the tiredness of Kudremukh trail. Also, read out the Kudremukh experience of one of our writer, before planning yours- Trek to Kudremukh, A tale of rains and leeches.

10. Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km

Drive Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes approx.

Dreamy Walk Paths

Nandi Hills is a mixture of fun for history buffs and adventure lovers altogether. Majorly known for the hill fortress of Tipu Sultan for their summer retreat, this little hill station offers the same retreat presently too. It is the shortest break you can take from Bangalore with adequate fun. Visit the famous Nandi Temple and other historical remnants of fort and various temples. Enjoy cycling and paragliding amidst the clouds. Take a peaceful walk wondering the beauty this little town holds. Also, take vineyard trip on the way to sip some amazing wines.

11. Coorg

Distance from Bangalore: 242 km

Drive Time: 6 hours approx.

Homestays at Coorg

Coorg has been the most breath-taking beautiful hill station of Karnataka. Known to be the ‘Scotland of India’ because of the exotic landscapes and misty scenic views. It is a heaven for the couples. Coorg is a coffee plantation town, a hub for coffee-lovers. Also, an admiring place for the culture lover with a local clan of Kodavas. Try homestays here for they are the lovely hospitality provider. No place near Bangalore will leave adventure, being amidst the nature. Hiking, rafting, trekking will be your companion here too with the best of views and weather.

Though Bangalore has very magnificent nearby places. The list is long. But we sorted a few which had less driving time, so that you take less time to travel and more time to chillax.

Also check, weekend trips near Delhi, if you have a group of friends there and join them to cheer their days.

Happy Traveling!!

11 Dreamy Places in India to Visit with your Partner

Romantic Destination in India

In today’s time, materialistic and physical things get a priority instead of
emotional needs and relations. We all are so stuck up in our daily routines and are so scared of change that we monotonously follow the same dull and boring set of work every day.
But every once in a while, everyone needs a break to cherish your relationship with your partners. For all those who are in need of a romantic getaway to relax and enjoy with your special one, then don’t worry as you have to do no research to find a good place for you. Before you invest in a foreign visa, make sure you’ve read all the special pages of the book of
this country with your special someone.
Here are 11 breathtaking destinations to visit with your partner in India!

1. Khajjiar

Are you also one of the Switzerland kind of love obsessed person but don’t
have the budget to fulfill this dream? If yes, then don’t worry, we have brought you an almost similar option, a mini-Switzerland
which can be found in India from the name- Khajjiar.
Also check, how you can save money while traveling. This small hill station is a true treasure of Himachal Pradesh hidden in Chamba. The gorgeous landscapes, crystal clear lakes, thick pine forests and mesmerizing
views themselves set up a mood for you to spend some romantic time with
your loved one.

Spell-bounding view at Kahjjiar Lake

2. Goa

If you and your partner are into pristine beaches, tropical weather and a bustling nightlife, Goa can be one exhilarating experience for you. Having been a Portuguese colony for a considerable period, the culture and feel of the destination have a unique charm and European touch. With its waterfalls, open fields, clubs, ruins, churches and lots of adventure water sports, you and your partner can enjoy a vacation that is both romantic and exciting. Taking a romantic stroll on an unpopulated beach with a margarita will de-stress and rejuvenate you and your partner. Goa is a
a complete package for a romantic weekend.

An epitomic art of beach love

3. Shimla

Do you like the idea of waking up to a view of the mesmerizing snow-capped mountains and the beautiful green grasslands being cuddled up in the arms of your partner? If yes, then Shimla is the place for you as it not only offers you gorgeous views and cool breeze but also a lot of peace and calmness that contrasts your noisy city life. Almost anything and everything is romantic when in Shimla. Also, you can choose to stay under a blanket in front of the fire with a glass of Blackcraft whiskey to stay warm.

Couples in Shimla

4. Udaipur

Royal Welcome at the Taj City Palace

Does your version of romance include luxury, royalty and beauty, then
the royal city of Udaipur is your destination. This beautiful city of Rajasthan has often been called the City of Lakes. With its sumptuous palaces overlooking sparkling lakes, serene boat rides in the lakes, camel safaris, exotic shopping, paragliding, light and sound shows, cultural festivities and royal treatment in the royal palaces, travelers from all over the world visit this city to experience the traditional and historic charm. Experiencing the royal charm and old-time allure with your special one in this romantic city in a traditional haveli with a glass of crown royal reserve overlooking a beautiful lake easily makes for a honeymoon-worthy experience.
Note: Make a special romantic vacation to Udaipur via famous luxury Train
Maharajas’ Express
and have an unforgettable Memory.

5. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is the perfect place if the rain holds some special place in your heart or trigger some happy memories which you would like to relive once again. It is one of the wettest places in the world and
enjoys the privilege of experiencing monsoons throughout the year.
Fascinating views forming the background of your long drive along with your sweetheart, a slight drizzle tracing your windowpanes with a cup of tea does this not sound like a perfect date plan to you?

Mystical view of Watefalls

6. Kerala

Couple-stay at Houseboat

This romantic state is often known as God’s Own Country. Its serene and diverse natural beauty ranging from backwaters is a unique combination of canals, rivers and lakes, mesmerizing waterfalls, rich wildlife, exhilarating safaris, rolling hills, tea and cocoa plantations and historical temples. Enjoying the locally grown cocoa used for making chocolates with your partner will make your vacation even more romantic.

7. Gulmarg & Srinagar

A spectacular location covered with snow and misty sky it is the perfect getaway for rekindling the romance and creating much happier
memories that will live with you for a lifetime. Gulmarg is known as the best place to woo your sweetheart. Gondola experience and the ski attempt on the snowy white slopes at Gulmarg just act as a catalyst in your love. Srinagar, the capital city of this paradise, is often known as the “Venice of the East”. With various picturesque attractions such as the Dal Lake, floating markets and post offices and living in a houseboat with numerous sales boats lining up beside your boat, from which you can purchase goods, provides for a unique experience for both you and your loved one. Taking a romantic shikara ride at night out into the water while watching the stars overhead in your partner’s company will be one of the most romantic experiences of your life.

Snowy meadows of Gulmarg

8. Rann of Kutch

This enigmatic white land in Gujarat makes for an experience unique to itself. It transforms into the pearlescent salt lands with enchantingly clear blue skies above once the water dries up in the summer. Nature lovers from all over the globe marvel at the unique beauty of the landscape and even find it a bit intimidating. Between November and March, the festival of joy, known as the Rann Utsav, brings crowds, music and colors to this white earth making for an extraordinary experience.

Rann Utsav
Moonlit White Dessert

9. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar
Beach Romancing

Before choosing Bahamas and Hawaii as your first preference for an exotic beach destination try the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its amazing diversity with emerald green forests, scenic waterfalls, extensive plantations, white sandy beaches and exhilarating diving opportunities in shallow blue waters are bound to provide the romantic atmosphere for two people to experience together. The water activities with its coral reefs and marine life are an attraction unique to its islands.

10. Darjeeling

Based in the Himalayan foothills, thoughts of this beautiful hill station conjures up the memory of row of emerald green tea plants shaping the rolling hills. Its chilly weather, old world charm, hiking and trekking opportunities and toy train rides make for a romantic get-away from the hustle and bustle of 21st-century cities. B

Darjeeling Toy Train Routes

11. Coorg

Romantic Stays in Coorg

This charming little town in south India is known as the Scotland of India. Due to its quiet, scenic and romantic atmosphere which is perfect for you and your partner to spend time together in solitude. Amidst of exotic coffee plantations and the scent of fresh spices, the laid back lifestyle in Coorg provides lots of opportunities. For strolls in long casual dresses through sandalwood and teak forests while experiencing the area’s beautiful waterfalls and diverse wildlife and birdlife.

Don’t just dream about the amazing time you would spend on this
romantic getaway, rather act fast and book one of the above – mentioned
places for you and your special one!

10 Places in India to visit for your Bachelor Trip


Bachelor trip is a dream to fulfill. Live up before your life takes a new turn. Go catch your group, get some time for each other and relive the moments you admired the most. Not once a year but at least spend something you earn, truly on yourself.

Here is the list of places for all your Bachelor Trip in India

Visit Solang in Himachal Pradesh for the adventure between the mountains.

Visit Solang in Himachal Pradesh for the adventure between the mountains for your bachelor trip.

Your bachelorette would be left out without Goa.

Your bachelorette would be left out without Goa.

Travel Rishikesh for some adrenaline rush. The rafting capital of India.

Travel Rishikesh for some adrenaline rush. The rafting capital of India. Also look for other water sports destinations to cover with your friends on your bachelor trip.

Amongst all the worries and tensions, your age must be handled to get some time for peace at monasteries.

Amongst all the worries and tensions, your age must be handled to get some time for peace at monasteries.

Go trippy with your friends at Kasol and trek to Kheerganga.

Go trippy with your friends at Kasol and trek to Kheerganga.

Something for the fun of wildlife with all your 'junglee toli' at Jim Corbett National Park.

Something for the fun of wildlife with all your ‘junglee toli’ at Jim Corbett National Park.

If done with Goa, then your list has a new beach destination for more good days together with your friends.

If done with Goa, then your list has a new beach destination for more good days together with your friends.

Layback amongst mystic weather and scenery at Coorg, Karnataka. Give a throwback to your memories on the way of creating new ones.

Layback amongst mystic weather and scenery at Coorg, Karnataka. Give a throwback to your memories on the way of creating new ones.

Accompany your daring friends for the most daring and memorable time pass trip to Bhangarh fort..

Accompany your daring friends for the most daring and memorable time pass trip.

Find yourself before you find a partner. Travel underwater. Live in different versions with all the fun.

Find yourself before you find a partner. Travel underwater. Live in different versions with all the fun.


Also to get cheap travel ideas and save money on hotels & flight booking read our another article on pocket-friendly trips.

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